Primary Greatness

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Stephen R. Covey believed there were only two ways to live life: a life of primary greatness or a life of secondary greatness. Through his books and speaking, he taught that the intrinsic rewards of primary greatness - integrity, responsibility and contribution - far outweighed the extrinsic rewards of secondary greatness - money, popularity and the self-absorbed, pleasure-ridden life that some people consider 'success'.

In his posthumous work, Covey lays out the 12 levers of success that willl lead to a life of primary greatness: Integrity, Contribution, Sacrifice, Service, Responsibility, Loyalty, Reciprocity, Diversity, Teaching, Learning and Renewal, For the first time, Covey defines each of these 12 qualities and how they can be leveraged and enacted in your daily life to lead you to success and happiness.

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Door (auteur) :Covey, Stephen R.
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