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isbn : 9781785764028

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The shockingly audacious conclusion to the international bestselling phenomenon that began with Maestra. If you can't beat them - kill them First there was Maestra. Then there was Domina. Now - there is Ultima. Glamorous international art-dealer Elizabeth Teerlinc knows a thing or two about fakes. After all, she is one herself. Her real identity, Judith Rashleigh, is buried under a layer of lies. Not to mention the corpses of the men foolish enough to get in her way. But now, caught in the murderous crossfire between a Russian Mafia boss and a corrupt Italian police detective, Judith is forced to create an even more daring work of art - a fake masterpiece she must take to the world-famous auction house where she used to be a lowly assistant and sell for $150 million. For Judith the prospect of putting one over her loathsome former employer and the world's art establishment is almost as thrilling as the extreme sex she's addicted to - especially when the price of failure is a bullet in the back of the head. But exposing her new identity to the glare of the spotlight puts her at risk of an even greater danger. Like a beautiful painting stripped of its layers of varnish, something altogether different could be revealed. A truth about her past even Judith might find shocking.

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Door (auteur) :Hilton, L. S
Taal : Engels
Gewicht : 202 gr | Hoogte : 179 mm | Breedte : 111 mm | Dikte : 24 mm
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