The 7 principles of complete co-creation

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The 7 Principles of Complete Co-Creation presents a comprehensive view on co-creation. Illustrated by various international case studies, it explains co-creation not as a method, tool or project, but as a new paradigm in which end-users play an ongoing, active role with and for organizations that are relevant to them. It reads like a practical handbook on how to utilize complete co-creation in order to create sustainable value with end-users and other relevant parties. Since co-creation is a relatively new discipline, not much has been written on the topic. The authors have bundled their years of practical experience to fill this gap. Unlike any existing publication, this book provides the reader with a clear co-creation framework, giving practical answers to questions such as: 'what is co-creation and how does it work?', 'whom to involve in a co-creation process?', 'how to convince others of the benefits of co-creation and overcome barriers?'.Stefanie Jansen is co-founder of TheCoCreators, an initiative that aims to spread knowledge about co-creation and guides co-creation projects.Maarten Pieters is co-founder of TheCoCreators and he is head of Co-creation and People Insight at Philips Lighting.

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